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NIKOM LT is a proven supplier of spare parts and importer of agricultural machinery, focused mainly on the CLAAS brand. The company has one of the largest spare parts warehouses CLAAS with a stock of more than 22,000 items. Nikom LT provides professional, stable and reliable partnerships for the supply of parts and equipment to its customers.




The people we work with will always be the key to our success. That is why we believe in the power of cooperation, mutual trust and support. We are committed to providing an environment for development by putting fairness, caring for others and trust in the forefront of what we do.


     We rely on each other

   We cooperate, trust and support each other to achieve
 better results together with farmers.



       Correctness above all

   We build trust and loyalty with others by doing what we have promised, always ... and we will do it - every time.




      We continue to grow together 

    . We only look ahead. We continue to learn and improve with innovative methods to achieve future success.





 We value the power of relationships - with customers, business partners and colleagues. Our values ​​shape our company culture and the way we work - TEAM, RESPONSIBILITY and RELIABILITY 

 We work in a TEAM

We work together in a team - as individuals, in all directions.
We put the success of the team before our individual goals.

 We are RESPONSIBLE to work

We are committed and work with passion, what we do.
This is more than work for us.
We have proven to our clients that we are the trusted partner
they need and deserve.


 We understand that in a dynamically changing environment such as agriculture,
 the best way to add value is to show fairness, reliability
 and real commitment to work every day.  




        NIKOM LT was established out of the need for quality service of agricultural machinery more than 15 years ago. Over the years, the company has been working to help farmers by providing spare parts for tractors, combines and equipment.

     With the development of the company and in response to the growing demand for used equipment for the Bulgarian market, since 2005 the company began importing demonstration and used machines from Europe - Germany, Finland, Italy and Greece. As a result of correctness in relations and finding the best agricultural machinery for the Bulgarian market, today the company enjoys valuable partnerships with many farmers from all over Bulgaria.

     During all these years NIKOM LT has proven its position as one of the most trusted suppliers of spare parts not only in Central Northern Bulgaria, but throughout the country. In order to remain true to its commitment to improve the productivity and efficiency of farmers, NIKOM LT has changed from a spare parts supplier to an importer, providing comprehensive customer service from the purchase of equipment to servicing and providing the necessary spare parts. 

     Today, NIKOM LT employs over 40 employees in the departments for the sale of spare parts and agricultural machinery, service, technical support, marketing, advertising and administration. In order to be closer to our customers we have opened spare parts stores in the town of Silistra and the village of Vetrino, region Varna.

     We are constantly investing in the development of our team, because we know that their growth and improvement will directly increase the success of our business and what we offer to our customers. This, in addition to our knowledge of agriculture and machinery, as well as our passion for the work we do, sets us apart from everyone else.



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