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Rotary tillers

Rotary tillers

Milling machines , together with disc harrows and cultivators, are among the main machines for spring tillage in vegetable beds, orchards, vineyards, in crops with roses, lavender and other essential oil plantations. They turn the soil layer to a depth of 16 cm to 30 cm and level the terrain after fine tillage. Larger models are often used for additional soil cultivation. The rotary cutters in the MASCHIO-GASPARDO product line are distributed in 18 series, distributed in working widths from 105 cm to 628 cm, fixed and folding models for tractors with a power of 10 hp. up to 380 hp

Fixed frame without displacement: 
Models  A  and  (30-60 hp) ; Models U, B and VIRAT PRO  (35 -100 hp) ; Models C, SC  and (90-320 hp)

Fixed frame with mechanical or hydraulic lateral displacement: 
Models L and  (15-60 hp) ; Model SILVA (40-80 hp)

Folding frame with mechanical and hydraulic lateral displacement:
Models PUMA, PANTERA L  and PANTERA  REVERS  (120-320 hp) ; PANTERA XL and  JANE models (200-380 hp)

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