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The retention of moisture in the soil depends on the cultivation of agricultural products. One of the main inventories for farmers for this is the deepeners. The main benefits of this agricultural equipment are that it destroys the existing plow heel and facilitates the work of farmers in subsequent cultivation . The practice so far has shown that it is recommended to cultivate the soil with diggers up to about 50 cm every 4-5 years. The diggers are available with bolt and hydraulic protection, in mounted and attached version with different variants of working bodies and rollers, depending on customer preferences and the power of the tractor on which the machine will be aggregated.

Main advantages:

  • Deep loosening;
  • Intensive mixing of vegetable waste;
  • Destruction of compacted soil layers;
  • They create ideal conditions for the development of crops; 
  • Optimize soil air conductivity;
  • Completely restore the soil status;
  • Improve moisture retention and moisture retention;


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