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ARION 450 HEXA CIS 2022 г.

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Technical data and description

A73 ARION 470-420 Stage V
TH_102_5220 480/65 R28 standard tyres / fixed rim
TH_103_71B0 600/65 R38 standard tyres / fixed rim
TH_589_0008 0008_3disAR MEC CO sans DEH AV
TH_593_0006 0006_3distAR CO Delux Ss DEHAV
TH_617_0002 0002_Stab méca cat3
TH_623_0010 0010_Avec Frein.pn +soufflette
TH_653_0001 TH_653_0001
TH_B02_0001 Front weight carrier
TH_B04_0000 Without linkage-mounted weight block
TH_B06_0000 Without front PTO
TH_B10_0000 Without front loader mounting bracket
TH_B14_0001 Without external front linkage controls
TH_B16_0000 Without bonnet protector bar
TH_I02_0035 CIS, colour control terminal
TH_I04_0305 2 engine speed memories with start-up gear + auto-shift function
TH_I08_0200 Alternator 200 A/h
TH_I10_0000 Without ISOBUS equipment
TH_I18_0000 Without job management
TH_I22_0005 Not prepared for AUTO PILOT/GPS PILOT
TH_I24_0000 Without SAT 900 GNSS receiver
TH_I26_0000 Without TELEMATICS
TH_I28_0000 Without terminal
TH_I32_0100 Multifunction control lever, fixed
TH_I38_0000 Without camera
TH_I40_0010 Without open steering interface
TH_I42_0010 REVERSHIFT function on the multifunction control lever
TH_J02_0060 Rear linkage, electrohydraulic, 5.75 t
TH_J04_0300 Lower links, cat. 3 with hook
TH_J06_0200 2 lower link stabilisers, mechanical
TH_J08_0130 Top link, cat. 3/2 with hook
TH_J10_0020 Piton fix
TH_J14_0020 Swinging drawbar
TH_J16_0120 Clevis, automatic with 38 mm diameter pin
TH_J18_0030 Ball set, cat. 3/2
TH_J42_0020 Air brakes (2 lines)
TH_J44_0001 Air brakes (2 lines) without hydraulic brake
TH_J52_0010 Additional compressed air connection, right side of cab
TH_K02_0091 Open centre hydraulics, 100 l/min
TH_K04_1013 3 spool valves, mechanical (CIS)
TH_K06_0000 Without central spool valves
TH_K10_0000 Without front hydraulic outlets
TH_K12_0000 Without Power Beyond
TH_N02_0110 HEXASHIFT transmission
TH_N04_0200 Transmission ratio 40 km/h
TH_N06_0210 Front axle, PROACTIV with independent wheel suspension
TH_N08_0120 Rear axle, standard
TH_N10_0020 PTO: 540/540 ECO + 1000 rpm
TH_N14_0001 PTO stub, 6 splines, 1 3/8"
TH_N22_0252 Front mudguards, pivoting, 520 mm
TH_N26_0000 Without wheel spacers for rear axle
TH_N30_0010 PTO control, rear
TH_N32_0000 Without automatic PTO engagement/disengagement, rear
TH_N34_0000 Without rear wheel weights
TH_P02_0142 125 hp max. output, 121 hp type-approved rated output, ECE R 120
TH_P04_0010 Without diesel pre-filter
TH_P06_0030 Battery master switch, electronic
TH_P08_0020 White diesel
TH_P10_0000 Without cold start kit
TH_P26_0143 135 hp max. output, 132 hp type-approved rated output, ECE R 120
TH_Q02_0050 6-pillar cab, high/low-profile, 2-point suspension
TH_Q04_0200 High roof with hatch
TH_Q08_0020 Rear window wiper
TH_Q14_0030 Mechanical mirror, with wide-angle mirror
TH_Q18_0200 Green mudguard - wide version with lateral extension (2.50 m)
TH_Q20_0010 Screen mounting rail
TH_Q24_0010 Tool box
TH_Q30_0010 Additional interface sockets
TH_Q40_0006 Halogen work lights: 2x front
TH_Q56_0020 Main headlights + 2 work lights on bonnet
TH_Q58_0015 Halogen work lights: 2x front, 4x rear, adjustable
TH_R00_0000 Colour, seed green
TH_R02_0200 CIS line
TH_R04_0130 Driver's seat, fabric, air suspension
TH_R06_0020 Passenger seat with safety belt
TH_R08_0015 Air conditioning, Cat. 3 ready
TH_R10_0010 Preparation for radio
TH_R12_0020 Cooler compartment for 1.5 l bottle (under the instructor's seat)
TH_R14_0010 Cigarette lighter and ashtray
TH_R16_0020 Steering wheel, leather
TH_R20_0000 Without dynamic steering
TH_R22_0000 Automatic 4-wheel drive, standard
TH_R24_0010 Sun visor, front
TH_S01_0140 Sticker 40 km/h
TH_S02_0001 Sticker, standard
TH_S04_0010 Right-hand drive
TH_S06_0031 LED rotating warning beacon, left
TH_S08_0001 Equipment - European Union
TH_S10_0010 Number plate holder, front
TH_S12_0000 Without wheel chock
TH_S14_0000 Without pre-installed fittings, first aid
TH_S16_0000 Without preparation for fire-extinguisher
TH_S22_0010 EU identification plate
TH_T02_0010 Truck transport
A73/400 ARION 450 Stage V

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