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Stubble cultivator DRACON MR (HD)

Stubble cultivator DRACON MR (HD)

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Petya Mircheva +359 (0) 884 762867
Technical data and description
Dracon MR HD & M RT HD is the new high-performance generation of stubble cultivator that brings long service life. The rigid, robust central frame is built to work up to 35cm even under very severe conditions due to hydropneumatic protection against overloading. The coulter point, the guide plate and the side wings are included in standard equipment. 
The standard flattening discs, which are suspended in pairs via a rubber suspension, level the mixed and cultivated soil. After the rear roller, the cultivation is constant, precise and well-balanced.  
It combines effective soil processing after harvest with less fuel consumption. The land is levelled flat, well loosened, the stubble becomes organic fertilizer with no further requirements for cultivation.


  • 3 rows of tines
  • Rigid frame 100x100x8mm
  • Row distance 700mm
  • Up to 350mm working depth
  • Wings 275mm
  • Leveling discs with rubber blocks or covering tines
  • Horizontal double spring protection
  • Manual adjustable rear roller
  • Trailed version wheels 400/60-15.5
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