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An important priority of our company is to serve all customers as quickly as possible and in the most convenient way for them. 

We know how important the timely response in service is, as well as the safe availability and delivery of spare parts . That is why NIKOM-LT AD has built an excellent system for fast logistics and management of orders / deliveries.

Over the years NIKOM LT AD has taken the leading positions on the market for spare parts with competitive prices, customer loyalty and fairness in business relations . The warehouse of NIKOM-LT AD has parts for combines, tractors, attachments, as well as a wide variety of consumables - oils, filters, belts and more.

For the last 5 years the company has invested significant funds for modernization of its warehouse and currently NICOM-LT has the largest warehouse for spare parts CLAAS in Bulgaria . The warehouse is built to the highest standards for optimization of work technology, with integrated software and warehousing organization of trade processes.



Regular maintenance of the machines pays off


Carrying out regular maintenance and upkeep of your agricultural machinery is crucial to ensure that you make the most of the time you have in the field.

Over 59% of machine damage can be avoided through regular SERVICE MAINTENANCE . The total cost incurred by the farmer can be 3 to 17 times lower than the cost of proper preventive maintenance , especially during harvest, when other machines and people are out of work while repairs are being made! By servicing and inspecting tractors and combines in NIKOM LT - you can save yourself a lot of unforeseen accidents.

A troubleshooting for a combine harvester in a campaign can cost you much more , taking into account the loss of grain quality, than a service inspection and service would cost you . 

Over the last 15 years, we have built a good reputation in the field of sales and service based on a good understanding of agriculture and agricultural machinery. We invest a lot of time and money in training our specialists to make sure that they are up to date with the technical parameters of the machines and innovative agricultural practices to ensure maximum efficiency and trouble-free service. With the development of the sector, we have moved forward with the increase of the services we offer, through first-class service aids, professionally equipped facilities and well-trained staff . 

In the service base we perform diagnostics and service of CLAAS tractors and combines.   We also perform annual pre-season maintenance of each attached equipment and self-propelled equipment CLAAS .

In case of need for service and service, our customers benefit from five mobile teams of service specialists who are ready for fast and reliable troubleshooting for customers from all over the country.

In the service base of Nikom LT AD is performed: 

  • Diagnosis, maintenance and repair of tractors and combine harvesters

  • Repair of water pumps

  • Diagnosis and repair of elements and units of hydraulic systems

  • Restoration of individual units and details

  • Repair and diagnostics of air conditioning systems 

  • Pre-season preparation and maintenance of your machines


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