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Nikom LT JSC

NIKOM LT - Financing in support of farmers and their business


Our company highly values ​​each client and tries to create all conditions for improving its activity. We are interested in stable and long-term relationships with our partners, so we are always ready to provide a high level of service, reasonable prices and up-to-date offers for existing financial programs that allow you to purchase new efficient equipment at your convenience.



  • NIKOM LT offers its own profitable programs for the purchase of agricultural machinery in installments. 

  • Contact NIKOM LT and select the desired equipment.

  • Sign a contract of sale with NIKOM LT with a rescheduled plan.

  • Make an advance payment for the machine.

  • Take the selected machine and pay according to the repayment plan.





We will help you choose the best leasing company for you and make a deal quickly and efficiently! Today, leasing is one of the most effective financial instruments , which gives farmers a real opportunity to upgrade their equipment, reduce taxes and operating costs.


Leasing advantages :

  • You do not have to set aside a significant amount of turnover - you can become the owner of the equipment, initially paying only part of its price.

  • You will significantly reduce the income tax - depreciation is applied to the equipment taken.

  • You will optimize taxes - lease payments are charged entirely as an expense .

  • You plan your expenses effectively - they have a fixed payment schedule .


Leasing conditions:

  • Advance payment from 20% to 49% of the price of the equipment;

  • Lease term from 12 to 60 months;

  • Currency for financing - BGN, EUR.

  • Individual schedule of lease payments;

  • The possibility of early repayment .

  • The minimum price increase.

  • Equipment insurance for the entire lease term.


Steps in choosing agricultural machinery:

  •  Choice of tractor, combine or attachments

  •  Contact the sales department of NIKOM LT and select the desired equipment . We help you choose the best leasing company for you.

  •  Execution of the contract

  •  Provide the necessary package of documents to the leasing company . After making a decision, sign a lease agreement and pay an advance payment .

  •  Purchase of equipment

  •  The leasing company concludes a contract of sale with NIKOM LT and pays for the equipment .

  •  Transfer of equipment

  •  NIKOM LT delivers equipment to your farm!




Affordable bank financing with an optimal repayment plan and simplified collateral requirements . We develop partnerships with leading banks in Bulgaria, which allows us to offer our farmers favorable conditions and special programs for the purchase of equipment. You do not need to delay the purchase of machines for a long time - after contacting NIKOM LT and providing the necessary documents, we will choose the most effective loan option for you in the shortest time. All you have to do is sign the contract, make an advance payment and take the machine to the farm.



 SUBSIDY PROGRAMS under European programs 

NIKOM LT monitors all current programs for subsidies for the purchase of equipment from the company's portfolio. We provide you with full assistance in applying for grant programs and in securing funding for your projects . We work with leading consulting companies and financial institutions.



  • Quick and easy application procedure .

  • With the possibility of financing the purchase of the asset with funds provided under grant schemes of the European Union . 

  • With the possibility of financing the VAT due on the transaction.

  • One-time management fee.

  • No loan commitment fee.

  • Free of charge in the cases of partial repayment of the loan with received grant under an operational program.






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