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Seedbed combination VibroDIsc

Seedbed combination VibroDIsc

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Technical data and description
Working width from 4m to 9m feature excellent transport abilities as they are hydraulically foldable, via automatic tilting inwards/outwards of the wing sections which are mounted on robust frame of exceptionally good stress capacity.  

VibroDisc RT models are equipped with front wave crumble roller Ø470mm, bearing mounted in shaft Ø50 mm ,  composed of 2 rows of self-cleaning cutter discs.

The cutter discs cut crop residue, lumps, and cover crop residue and afterwards levels the surface in combination with the reinforced frame of 3 rows of S-tines 45x12 mm.

Front wave roller enable easy and exact depth regulation via a top link ratchet, while they enhance the leveling result. VibroDisc models are also very suitable for very shallow seedbed preparation. 
  • Semi-mounted
  • Robust, hydraulic folding frame
  • 3 rows of S-tines 45x12 mm made of 50x50 mm square hollow sections
  • Adjustable front double wave roller Ø470 mm, bearing mounted, shaft Ø50 mm
  • Reinforced, adjustable double rear crumbler roller Ø350mm, bearing mounted, shaft Ø40 mm

Long lasting S-Quality tine 45x12 mm, strong and intensely vibrating, the soil tillage effect they produce is phenomenal and cultivation is often completed in a single pass. Also suitable for stony soils.

Two rear cage rollers complete optimal seedbed preparation and leveling  for accurate depth control in combination with a  simple pin and tie-rod system provides the function of matching ideal working depth of tines.  
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